Je suis en fait Euphrasie


[…] he saw no reason why he should not live to be a very old man, now that this child loved him. He saw a whole future stretching out before him, illuminated by Cosette as by a charming light.



courfeyrac having a weird feeling of his baby leaving the nest when marius moves out to live with cosette 

leaning on the door frame of marius’ old room and sighing

‘courf are you alright’ 

‘i just need a moment i’ll be fine’

#i mean one day you’re pulling out a mattress for him to sleep on and the next he’s wooing women and being a functioning member of society #they grow up so fast


you want more aus? i’ll give you more aus

  • met standing in the reallllllly long queue for the dressing rooms au
  • lifeguards at a summer camp au
  • you’ve been playing guitar in the hall of the hotel since three in the morning and i came down to tell you to shut the fuck up au
  • the 5 cent hug for charity you offered me on the street really brought out our amazing chemistry au
  • awkward teenage spin the bottle/seven minutes in heaven au
  • dungeons and dragons au


courf having a crush on marius

courf assuring and encouraging marius with his realisation that he’s attracted to men  

courf leaving it at that and not pursuing anything in his own interest because he’s the only person marius has come out to and he doesn’t want to put him in an awkward position with the only person he can talk to 

marius shyly admitting his feelings for courfeyrac when he’s ready uwu

"Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts."
— Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (via wordsnquotes)


Harry Potter Inspired Illustrations

A series of “artifacts” from the wizarding world (and extremely fun commission!).

"Harry Potter Artifacts; Books 1-7," ink and watercolor, 2013.

Justin Keyes as Marius in Les Misérables at Dallas Theater Center

Combeferre with tattoos that no one knows about, except for Enjolras who helped him pick them out when they were teenagers. 

Combeferre who has constellations, planetary systems, and comets (along with their proper scientific names) running up one arm, and different species of insects on the other. 

Combeferre who has a tramp-stamp of a moth. 

Combeferre who rolls up his sleeves one meeting because it’s really hot, I mean, its the middle of summer, sweat dripping slowly down his chest, kind of hot.

Courfeyrac who just lets out a long, high pitched whine because “he has tattoo sleeves, what the fuck Enjolras, you knew?  Why didn’t you tell me??  I am totally revoking our friendship bracelet status.”

Combeferre with tattoos.   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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1 minute of silence for everyone that can’t attend San Diego Comic Con 2013.

another minute of silence for everyone that can’t attend San Diego Comic Con 2014





the mark of the broken

No, that’s the mark of fandoms who still remember what hope is like.This is the mark of the broken:



I’m just happy the second photo mentioned Fantine. She’s the only one the majority of the fandom chooses not to resurrect.

I’m getting fed up with writing this chapter already.  I just want to end it with Enjolras slowly carrying Grantaire, singing Bring Him Home quietly to himself as a middle-aged man watches on, in the middle of watering his shrubbery, and slowly pulls a first-aid kit from the rose bushes.

His time has come.

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Spring Awakening at Atlantic Theatre Company’s Atlantic Stage 2 in New York, NY.